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G. Squeo
R. Silletti
C. Summo
V. M. Paradiso
A. Pasqualone
F. Caponio


Alkyl esters, Extra virgin olive oil, Olives processing


Recently, the quantification of fatty acids alkyl esters (FAAE) has become mandatory for the extra virgin olive oil classification. However, the behaviour of such metabolites, during olives processing, is not yet well understood. Thus, the present paper aims to point out the influence of the use of calcium carbonate on the fatty acids alkyl esters content of the oils. The results showed that the content of FAAE was significantly influenced by the technological coadjuvant. The use of calcium carbonate led to a general reduction of FAAE compared to the untreated samples. Methyl esters of fatty acids were more susceptible to the use of processing aid than the ethyl esters.
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