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The Italian Journal of Food Science is an international journal publishing original, basic, and applied papers, reviews, short communications, surveys, and opinions on food science and technology.


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Vol. 36 No. 2 (2024): ITALIAN JOURNAL OF FOOD SCIENCE (in progress)

Published: 2024-03-31


The organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of innovative high-fiber khalas date-based bar

Hassan Barakat, Abdulkarim S.M. Almutairi
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Page 13-29

Liquiritin ameliorates acute myocardial infarction via the COX-2/NLRP3 signaling pathway: network pharmacology and experimental validation

Lan Zhou, Hui-min Ding, Yong-qin Du, Zi-qing Hu, Jing-ya Li, Liang Wang, Peng Zhou
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Page 61-73

Synthesis and characterization of chitosan-based pH-sensitive biofilm: An experimental design approach for release of vitamin B12

Ali Onal, Hulya Demir, Olcay Kaplan Ince, Muharrem Ince
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Page 83-100

Original Article

Optimizing the quality of bran-fortified stewing noodles using extruded wheat bran and improvers

Yibo Li, Guoqin Yao, Wangyang Shen, Zhan Wang, Cheng Guo, Xiwu Jia
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Page 1-12

Halobacteriovorax isolated from the Adriatic Sea to challenge Salmonella

Silvia Pieralisi, Jasmine Hattab, Francesco Mosca, Gabriele Angelico, Laura Lanci, Donatella Ottaviani, Elena Rocchegiani, Pietro Giorgio Tiscar
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Page 30-37

Evaluation of analgesic, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory potential of Dianthus crinitus using mice as a research animal

Bashir Ahmad, Ayaz Ali Khan, Maqsood Ur Rehman, Abdullah, Muhammad Siraj, Akbar Ali, Abid Sarwar, Jasra Naseeb, Abdullah F. Alasmari
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Page 38-47

Possibility of using fatty acid profiles for the authentication of beef adulterated with pork, donkey, and dog meat

Rasha Elsabagh, Ahmed Abdeen, Mohamed K. Morsy, Ahmed M. Rayan, Elsayed A. Abdelrahman, Elsayed M. AbdElaaty, Samah F. Ibrahim, Adel Abdelkhalek, Laura Șmuleac, Liana Fericean, Ahmed Elgazzar, Amal M. El-Sayed, Ola A. Habotta, Samy F. Mahmoud, Samar S. Ibrahim
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Page 48-60

Effect of maltodextrin concentration and drying temperature on the physicochemical characteristics of Sacha inchi (Plukenetia volubilis) extract powder

Hari Hariadi, Teguh Wahyono, Sandi Darniadi, Haris Maulana, Bambang Nurhadi, Suseno Amien, Agung Karuniawan, Ayaz Ali Khan, Tariq Aziz, Abdullah F. Alasmari
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Page 74-82

Unlocking cold-pressed nut potential: focus on tocopherol content of oils and defatted cakes

Marco Panzanini, Martina Genesi, Giuseppe Zeppa, Roberta Dordoni
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Page 101-110

Valorization of ultraviolet-C (UV-C) dose validation in spices

Akram A. Qasem, Mohamed A. Ibraheem, Mshari A.H. Hamami, Yaser I. Al-Shoqairan, Mohamed Saleh Alamri, Salah A. Al Maiman, Amro Babiker Hassan
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Page 111-120

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