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Iwona Łucja Chwastowska-Siwiecka


African catfish, meat and fillets, chemical composition, energy and TBARS value, pH, color


The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of the gender of African catfish on the chemical composition and of selected physicochemical properties. The experimental material included fish with body weight of ca. 1 kg, aged <1 year, cultured in the intensive system (pond culture). Acidity (pH24) was determined 24 h post mortem in fillets and the color of the external and internal surface of fillets was characterized based on L*, a*, b*, C* and hº values. In the comminution of meat of catfish were analyzed for the proximate chemical composition, energy and TBARS value. Meat of both sexes was characterized by high contents of total protein and fat, by low calorific value and had appropriate acidity. The internal and external surface of fillets of the male fish was darker and characterized by greater contribution of red (a*) and lesser of yellow (b*) color.

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