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Nicole Roberta Giuggioli
Francesco Sottile
Cristiana Peano


Plum, film, quality index, chlorophyll, passive atmosphere


The use of quality indicators is crucial in selling the plums in more distant markets. In this study, five films (F1, F2, F3, F4 and F5) were evaluated for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) for up 21 days of storage (at 1±1°C and 90-95% relative humidity) of two european plums cultivars ('Ramasin' and 'Ariddo di Core' with purple and yellow flesh colour respectively) evaluating the main characteristics therein through the selection of the most appropriate indicators. For both cultivars, the multilayered films (F1 and F2, 90 and 65 µm respectively) offered better effectiveness over other films. The total chlorophyll concentration, showing a good correlation with the colorimetric parameters of luminance (L) and chroma (C), confirmed, in the case of the Ariddo di Core cultivar, the results obtained by monitoring other parameters thus highlighting the usefulness of integrating multiple indexes in evaluating the performance of the storage methods used.

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