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zahra esfandiari
Mohammad Saraji
Roya Madani
Elham Jahanmard


Benzoic acid, yoghurt, Doogh, admissible limit, HPLC, Iran


The addition of benzoic acid is forbidden in by-product drink of yoghurt "Doogh" in Iran. However, this preservative can be naturally found in milk and its products. A total of 24 and 48 samples of yoghurt and Doogh were analyzed by HPLC method to assess the natural and permitted amount of benzoic acid. All samples of yoghurt and Doogh contained benzoic acid in mean amount of 1.5-5.0 mg/ Kg and 0.8-4.7 mg/ L, respectively. These findings showed that the amount of 6 mg/L can be defined for benzoic acid as admissible limit for Doogh in Iran. 

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