Test conditions of texture profile analysis for frozen dough

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Xinlai Dou
Mingshou Lv
Xuyang Ren
Yinyuan He
Linlin Liu
Guang Zhang
Ying Sun
Na Zhang
Fenglian Chen
Chun hua Yang


frozen dough, test conditions, texture profile analysis, wheat flour


Wheat flour is very important for making frozen dough. This paper firstly conducted an analysis of the basic properties of six varieties of wheat flour from different places and found that the variety BDHhgwf is most suitable to make frozen dough. Texture profile analysis (TPA) has been implemented in the dough-based food industry, and the properties of frozen dough were firstly investigated in this study. The results showed during TPA determination process of frozen dough, the variation of test parameters have an influence on the final result to some extent. The use of TPA in assessing the properties of frozen dough is presented. The recommended test conditions are: pre-test speed 3.0 mm/s, test speed (TS) 1.0 mm/s, posttest speed 1.0 mm/s, and compression ratio (CR) 50%. In a word, in this test method, the variation coefficient of dough was smaller and the dough was destroyed less by the texture analyzer and can truly reflect the texture of frozen dough.

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