Release behavior and kinetic analysis of eugenol from clove particles using P&T–GC-MS method

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Miao Liang
Zeen Yang
Kejing Xu
Xiaolong Chen
Jinchu Yang
Wenzhao Liu
Sensen Zhao
Yongming Xu
Junsong Zhang


clove, eugenol, kinetic equation, P&T–GC-MS, release behavior


In this study, the release behavior and kinetic characteristics of eugenol from clove particles under different temperatures were investigated by using purge and trap and gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (P&T–GC-MS) method. The results showed that the established P&T–GC-MS method could efficiently determine eugenol content in clove particles. The high temperature could promote the release of eugenol in the early stages of heating, while low temperature delayed the time to reach the maximum ratio. Kinetic analysis showed that the release behavior of eugenol at different temperatures was consistent with the first-order release model. The release activation energy for eugenol was calculated as 58.29 kJ/mol by using the Arrhenius equation.

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