Study on the role of nutrients in food to improve the motion state of athletes

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Hongkai Zhou


athletes, food, motion state, nutrient


This study aims to analyze the role of nutrients in food in improving athletic performance and to understand the feasibility of food supplementation in sports training. Twenty athletes were randomly divided into two groups, A and B. The athletes in the two groups had the same diet and the same training content and differed only in the supplemented food. Group A was supplemented with Siraitia grosvenorii water, and Group B was supplemented with pure water. After 3 months of training, the body composition, exercise status, and blood indexes of the athletes in the two groups were compared. Compared with the athletes in group A before the experiment as well as in group B after the experiment, the athletes in group A showed a significant increase in fat-free weight, improved athletic performance, increased levels of hemoglobin (Hb) and red blood cell (RBC), and decreased levels of blood lactic acid (BLA) and blood urea nitrogen (BUN) (P < 0.05). Nutrients in food can effectively improve the body composition and exercise status of athletes and inhibit the decrease of Hb and RBC as well as the increase of BLA and BUN, which have good usability in sports training.

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