Italy on the spotlight: Expo Milan 2015 and Italian Journal of Food Science

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P. Fantozzi
M.F. Caboni
T. Gallina Toschi
V. Gerbi
A. Hidalgo
V. Lavelli
G. Perretti
P. Pittia
C. Pompei
K. Rantsiou
L. Rolle
M. Sinigaglia
B. Zanoni


Expo 2015, Feeding the Planet, Food Safety, Food Security, Nutrition, Shelf Life, Biodiversity


The year 2015 will certainly be remembered as the Year of the Universal Exposition (EXPO) hosted in Milan, Italy, focusing on a hot theme in the current scenario: “Feeding the Planet, Energy
for Life”.
This event has drawn a wide international attention towards Italy as a country with peculiar and valuable food traditions, thus strengthening its reputation as “gastronomic capital of the
world” rich in protected designation of origin products (PDOs) and characterised by a longstanding food culture.
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