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β-glucosidase, Olea europea L, pNPG, purification, SPMN


The ?-Glucosidase (?-D-glucoside glucohydrolase, EC enzyme was purified from Gemlik variety olive (Olea europea L.). The purified enzyme was immobilised onto Supermagnetic Nanoparticles in order to stabilise the enzymatic efficiency and increase usage in the food industry. The purified and immobilised enzyme was characterised by molecular weight, kinetic parameters and optimum pH and temperature values comparatively. The enzyme is a monomer with a mass of approximately 40  kDa. The Kinetic values of the immobilised and purified enzymes were 1.34 mM and 384.61 U/mg; 0.37 mM as Km and 370.37 U/mg as Vmax respectively.

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